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Liberty Learning Foundation, Libby Liberty Character
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Birmingham, AL
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Seeking an actress to play the Libby Liberty character for Liberty Learning Foundation across the state of Alabama.

Program director states: "We are a nonprofit, civic education program empowering students to be the next great Americans. Libby kicks off this 10-week program with a one-woman interactive production that joyfully and reverently introduces the students to facts and history about our great country. The show runs for approximately one hour. Libby is in full costume, wig, and makeup.

Libby Liberty™ (Lead): Female, 18-35
"Who is Libby? She is a wide-eyed caricature of the iconic Statue of Liberty. She embodies joy, playfulness and youth, which makes her history enticing to the students. She is proud of who she is, loves the color of her skin, and understands how her past has impacted many. She is never goofy, flighty, or clumsy, but holds herself together with grace, dignity, and strength. These traits are most evident when talking about immigration and reciting the poem. While she is comfortable in the quiet, she bounces with energy from moment to moment. Libby knows that her message is critically important to all and she does not take one minute or word for granted. There is a bright and energetic urgency to her message, and that is evident in her posture, presence, and speech. She can move from being a schoolmate, activist, teacher, historian, advocate, and hero with ease. She embodies freedom!"

Works a contractual 10-month agreement (Aug. 2018-May 2019) in Alabama. Daytime shows Mon.-Fri. (2 events per day max). Typically 6-12 shows per month.

Competitive pay based on amount of performances. A monthly guarantee incorporated into the agreement.
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