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Actress Needed for Youtube Channel
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Indianapolis, IN
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We are looking for an actress to be cohost of a new Youtube channel about travel tips. This is a role that could potentially be long-term.

You should be comfortable talking on camera with and without a teleprompter.

For example, for some videos you will simply be given let's say a list of 5 tips of things to do in Las Vegas with children but not a word for word script. In this case you would need to be able to talk about each tip fluidly without a word for word script.

On other occasions a teleprompter will be used and you should be comfortable using that as well looking natural when you talk and not like you are reading a script.

It would be ideal that you love to travel but not a requirement.

If you have a serious interest please respond to this post to request a short script for audition. You will need to use your phone to make a simple audition video so we can see you on camera. We are looking for someone seriously committed to this production and available to record at least 3 short videos on set weekly. We can shoot all three videos the same day in less than 2 hours time typically.

This is a serious production using professional lighting, mics and camera equipment.

Contact us right away if interested in auditioning.
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