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Youth Model wanted for Artwork
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Cleveland, OH
Job Description:
Professional artist looking for model between ages 7-10, boy or girl, to pose for artwork that will be on Cleveland's RTA. It will be for a drawing that will be printed and placed on the windows of the train and/or buses. Models do not have to be professional, but will be asked to take photos that are more serious and empowering, without smiling. The child will be doing a couple different ASL (American Sign Language) poses. They do not need to be deaf. The simple poses/signs are already planned out. If they were deaf this would be a great opportunity for activism promoting their culture. Models should wear a simple shirt, nothing with too many frills, patterns, logos, or words. A fitted t-shirt would be great. The shot will be from the waist up. Reach out as soon as possible if interested. The shoot should take around an hour or two. Future gigs could be worked out too if both parties are interested. Parents must accompany their child. Model should be in the general Cleveland area
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