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Job Title:
Photographer and Cashier at Carowinds
Job Location:
Charlotte, NC
Job Description:
Kaman's Art Shoppes is hiring Photographers for the Holiday Season. We are looking to hire now so new employees can help finish out the full time season and be prepared to work weekends during the Scarowinds and Winter Fest events. This is the perfect gig for high school or college students or for anyone looking to make some extra income on the weekends.

Employees will take photos of the guests as they are entering the park in the morning and work as a cashier selling the photos if working at night. The same job description will occur during the Halloween and Winter event. In addition to the entrance photography, employees will take photos inside one of the mazes using our scare cannon to capture awesome unique photos, and taking photos of children with Santa.

Candidates must be able to stand for long periods of time, have high energy, and excellent communication skills.
Pay starts at $8.00/hour plus commission based on photos sold.
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