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Models needed for MFA thesis project
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Charlotte, NC
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Hi, I am looking for models to volunteer for a fine art photography project I am doing over the course of the next year or so. I am an MFA student, and this is my thesis project. These would be "environmental portraits" meaning the setting plays as much a role as the model, and would be shot mostly in the outlying areas around Charlotte, parks and other locations in the countryside.
Nothing uncomfortable, normal everyday clothes and frankly the more inexperienced as a model the better as the intent is for the model to be a stand in for the people that live around the areas I am shooting.
In exchange for helping with my project, I am happy to assist with any portfolio building shots or projects the volunteers may have. Each model will receive all images of them that are shot.
Please check out some of my work at:
Instagram at bencrowleyphotos
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