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Book Narrator/Voiceover Artist
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Nationwide, NW
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I have written a series of six books for middle-grade children called "The Adventures of Eva and Buckskin Charlie." The first of this series, "Eva's Secret Name" will be published by Best Publishing, Inc. in about as month. They have promised this since April, but we are now past the edit stage and it is in the hands of the designers, so this may be a good target. Each book is 20 to 30,000 words or 60 to 80 pages with illustrations. It is set in the 1870's and Eva is ten years old.

I have written a prequel as an introduction to this series called "The Fortune Teller on the Train" that I just published on Amazon. I plan to use this to generate interest in the series. Audio Books are a growing segment of the book sales market and I hope to have audio files available for each of the books. I plan to use the prequel to audition book narrators or voiceover artists. I have a lot to learn about recording, editing, mastering, file conversion and post production editing. This is step one.

I am seeking short audition recordings of 2-5 pages of "The Fortune Teller on the Train." There is NO PAY for these submissions and may not be for the prequel (about 15,000 words). The prequel is available on Amazon for $2.99. If this is a problem, it will be available for free once it is linked to the first book of the series if you choose to wait. I don't understand the need for the link, but there it is. The artist will be paid to narrate the six book series.

I was in a similar position looking for an illustrator and it worked out very well. Carol was willing to begin work with me at no pay, and as a result she has now been paid for her work and has agreed to illustrate the entire series. She has a huge talent, has really embraced the project and is a dream to work with.

In my "minds ear" I think the reader will be a woman, with no regional accent and, perhaps, do voices in character. But I am open to hear your take. Please submit questions and your brief audio file to me at My website is
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