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"Wanna Play a Game?" Casting Call
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Cleveland, OH
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SYNOPSIS: Jay and Dawn settled in for a quiet night at home. Little did they know what was in store for them later that night. The power goes out, they are quickly ambushed. They wake up restrained in the basement. Before them they see their capturers. Marx and Ophelia, brother and sister.

Marx and Ophelia only have one question. What do they want? Its simple really. They wanna play a game. Call it survival of the Sickest. So the question is. If you had to kill yourself to save the one you loved, could you do it? This is a true tale of terror. Do you have what it takes to survive the game?

Film will be shot Saturday March 19 in Delta, OH. All who take part will get a copy of the film, receive a film credit, and food and drink will be provided on set.

All interested parties will submit with head shot, body shot, and resume(if you have one, no experience is necessary) Auditions will be done on a person by person basis.

What we are looking for:

Lead Roles

Marx - Male 20s-early 30s - Back woods redneck type, quick witted, very violent, and very dominant and sexually driven

Ophelia - Female 18-20s - Slutty ditzy, somewhat goth, sister and follower of marx, very sexually driven

Jay - Male 30s - average everyday guy. very protective and strong minded. Must be able to show fear and cry.

Dawn - Female 30s - Stay at home mom. She's a fighter. Must be able to show fear and cry.

Additional Cast

Car Passenger - female 20s - Small talking role. Mother riding in passenger seat.

Reporter - Females 30s- need someone with tv looks and personality ( will be shot before March 19th)

Detective - Male 40s - Gets interviewed by reporter (will be shot before March 19th)
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