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Pacific Coast Dream Machines Seeks Promo Models!!!
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Bay Area, CA
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Promotional Models needed for car shows in Half Moon Bay (Pacific Coast Dream Machines) Hot San Jose Nights,
and Cherry's Jubilee in Monterey. The Internet Model Club models have been at Hot Import Nights, Streetlow, Dub Show,
as well as the above three mentioned events since 2006. Contact me for confirmation of these details.

I do pay my models after they've either shot once with me on a TFCD basis or if they have an impressive resume and portfolio.
It's like any other job, I pay those who have shown they are qualified and only after they have done their job.
I have an excellent reputation with long time profiles on both Modelmayhem and OneModelPlace of 5 and 10 years respectively.

Please submit your bio/resume/pics for consideration.
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