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Now Hiring "HOT" LOCAL Females For Docu-Drama!!
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Cleveland, OH
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The Divine Deals Modeling Agency is now looking for real CLEVELAND area girls for an upcoming project titled "Cleveland: The Lake Effect"
A docu-drama focusing on the lives of 7 "hot" girls and 7 "hot" guys in the Cleveland area. Think "Jersey Shore"! We already have 7 guys and 3 girls, we're looking to hire in the final 4 girls asap! This IS NOT A REALITY SHOW! It's a Documentary. We will follow your life for one week, shopping, clubbing, the hook ups, working, family time, the ups and the downs. You will be compensated $150 cash DAILY.
YOU MUST BE AT LEAST 18 YEARS OF AGE, with proof of legal United States residence.
If you are interested in this once in a lifetime opportunity, please email us back as soon as possible
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PLEASE INCLUDE PHOTOGRAPHS!! - The "hotter" the better, this is an on camera role, so feel free to dress, or un-dress to impress!
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