Thanks GCT!!!

(11-11 02:45-2013)
News Description:

I want you to know what a positive experience Kailey Boyles had at the portfolio and being an extra at the movie "Produce".


Portfolio:  EVERYBODY at the portfolio was extremely NICE!!!!! Starting with the photographer. He was very nice and put the models at ease. The models were more than nice. From how kind they were to the other models, to how helpful they were to each other. They even let the other models borrow shoes, necklaces, etc. to help them out with the photoshoot. I WAS AMAZED!!!!! This says a lot about you!!!! This made Kailey's experience a very pleasant experience. We did not know what to expect and it made Kailey that much more want to be a model!!!! She can't wait to do another photoshoot!!!!


Being an extra: Again, being amazed!!!! We spent most of the time with a young man named Calvin who is a junior at one of the performing arts schools in Louisville and Pamela (a middle school actor coach at that same school). What a nice young man!!!! I was amazed that the producer took a picture with Kailey. He even asked if he ruined the picture LOL. The mascot Tiger took a picture with Kailey. I am sending you these pics. They seemed glad to take the pictures. They did a raffle, coffee and hot chocolate (the weather was cold) and even gave everyone pizza (nice thing to do and totally unexpected).


Kailey cannot wait to do more modeling!!!! Thank you for all you do!!!!


Kim Boyles