Tutorial - Edit Profile

Editing your Profile is quite simple with this system. In order to do so, you must be Registered as Talent with GetConnectedTalent.com.  If you are not yet Registered, you may view the Tutorial on How to Get Registered Here

To begin editing your profile, please follow the below steps:

Step 1:

Access the Login Screen via the "Talent Sign In" link in the top right, or the "Talent Login" link in the "Talent" Drop Down Menu. Once you have clicked either, you will be presented with the Talent - Login page. Simply enter your approved username and password and click Login.

Step 4

Step 2:

Once logged in, you will want to begin modifying your Profile and Uploading your Portfolio Images. To start, click on the "Upload Portfolio Images" link in the Control Panel Sidebar on the left.

Step 5

Step 3:

The next page will allow you to begin uploading your Portfolio Images. Simply click the Browse Button to begin browsing through your local computer for the image(s) you wish to upload.

Step 6

Step 4:

Once you've located your images, select them and then click "Open". This will pre-load the images into the Upload Tool. You will be able to see the images, listed out, below the Browse button after you have clicked "Open"

Step 7

Step 5:

Once you have all your images pre-loaded, simply click the "Upload" link. This will begin uploading all of the listed images into your Portfolio.

Step 8

Step 6:

Once finished, you may view your Images by clicking on the "My Photos" link in the Control Panel Sidebar on the Left.

Note: Remove any unwanted images by clicking "Delete" to the right of it.

Step 9

Step 7:

After uploading your Portfolio Images, you will want to begin entering your own Profile Information and Statistics. To begin this process, click the "Edit Profile Info" link in the Control Panel Sidebar on the Left.

Step 10

Step 8:

Upload your Profile Picture by clicking on the "Browse" link. Browse through your computer to the image you want to be your Primary Profile Picture and click open. This will upload the image to the system to be used as your Profile Picture. Once you've uploaded your Profile Picture, simply enter your Statistics into the appropriate fields and then click "Save Profile".

Step 11

Step 9:

Once completed, you may then confirm your profile by clicking the "View Profile" Link in the Control Panel Sidebar on the Left. 

Step 12